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World Voyager Vacations Referral Program

Earn credits toward future travel when you refer friends, family and coworkers to World Voyager Vacations. Once they book, we will reward your confidence in us. We appreciate your support and want you to know it.

Here's how the Program Works:

  • Refer a qualified individual to your World Voyager Travel Concierge. If you do not have a Travel Concierge you have booked with, simply call 877 836-1949 or email and request to be assigned a Travel Concierge to work with you. Your referral needs to be seriously interested in a vacation and you need to give their name and contact information to your Travel Concierge. You will need to make sure they ask for your Travel Concierge when they contact us. This is your guarantee that you will get the credit you deserve!
  • You'll receive a "Thank you for your referral" email, or if you prefer, a postcard from your Travel Concierge when contact is established with the person you are referring.
  • You must save your referral postcards or printed email and you decide when you redeem them with your Travel Concierge. Redeem them right away or save them up for a bigger reward! There is no expiration date on your referral email or postcards, but it is your responsibility to save them and redeem them when you choose. Only original printed emails and postcards will be accepted for redemption.
  • program applies to individual bookings only and not to group bookings. Groups involve separate amenity programs.  

 One Referral  =

 One Point

5 points =

$10 per cabin discount or shipboard credit

10 points =

$20 per cabin discount or shipboard credit

15 points =

$30 per cabin discount or shipboard credit

20 points =

$40 per cabin discount or shipboard credit

25 points =

$50 per cabin discount or shipboard credit

Bonus Offer!

If your referral books a cruisetour package or a cruise over 12 days long, we will double your referral points for that booking. If your referral books multiple staterooms on the same cruise, we will award 1 point per stateroom booked.

On Board Booking Program

There is no better time to plan for your next cruise than while you are having a great time on your current one! Many cruise lines offer incentives and bonuses for you to book your next cruise vacation while onboard that are ONLY available at that time. We at World Voyager Vacations recommend you take advantage of this great program. We want to assure you that even if you rebook onboard, the cruise line will give World Voyager Vacations and your Travel Concierge full credit for the booking and will assign it to us to completely service your needs relating to your new cruise booking.

To encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity, we're going to reward you when you let us know you've done so. You'll earn a $25 per cabin shipboard credit simply by doing the following:

  • As you depart on your current cruise, go prepared. Have an idea as to where and when you might want to cruise next. Make a note of your vacation time if applicable.
  • Meet with the onboard cruise consultant to make your booking. Here's a tip. Meet with them earlier in your cruise to avoid the mad rush at the end of the cruise.  Make sure you get a confirmation of the onboard booking you have made. Be sure to tell them World Voyager Vacations is your booking agency. We will include a form to hand them in the documents for your current cruise or you may click here to download and print the form to take with you.
  • Upon your return home, contact your Travel Concierge within 30 days and advise us of your onboard booking with the confirmation number. Most cruise lines are very good about faxing us a copy of your booking, but your calling us insures that we know you rebooked.  More importantly, it allows us to make sure you received the best fare available, that your special needs and special celebrations are noted. We can also discuss your travel insurance options and we can send you an updated brochure (if available) and your booking confirmation papers.
  • Collect your reward!

Once You Return Home - Direct Solicitations From the Cruise Line

After you have returned from your cruise, it is quite likely you will start to receive a variety of mailings and emails directly from the cruise line with special offers. Many people mistakenly believe the offer  is only available to past passengers and only available directly from the cruise line. While there are many specials for past passengers, they are always available from us at World Voyager Vacations at the exact same price the cruise line would sell it to you directly for. If you receive a solicitation in the mail or an email from the cruise line, please call your World Voyager Vacations Travel Concierge and she will handle everything for you. In addition to the service you receive, you will know you have an advocate watching out for your interests. We appreciate your support.

We look forward to being of service to you again! We appreciate your business.


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