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Travel Trip Protection Insurance


INSURANCE COVERAGE: Remember that while you are out of the country, your own medical insurance may not provide coverage. Be sure to check your policy as soon as possible to ensure that you are covered! WORLD VOYAGER VACATIONS OFFERS A VARIETY OF INSURANCE COVERAGE TO CRUISE SHIP TRAVELERS INCLUDING TRIP CANCELLATION / TRIP INTERRUPTION, BAGGAGE LOSS OR DAMAGE, AND ACCIDENT OR ILLNESS. We can answer your all of questions and provide you with the best "comprehensive" travel coverage.

MEDICARE: Take the time to read "the small print" on your passport. You’ll find that Medicare and similar government-sponsored programs do not apply while travelling out of the country. Therefore, do not count on this coverage to protect you while on a foreign flag ship (and most are) or in a foreign port. This also applies to supplemental coverage. The insurance program we offer will provide medical coverage.

As a result of events which have disrupted and interfered with the normal operation of travel and transportation systems, World Voyager Vacations strongly recommends you consider the purchase of Travel Protection Insurance. We recommend Travel Guard or Access America Insurance over cruise line insurance for a variety of reasons. Some of the major differences are:

  • Full cash reimbursement instead of future cruise credits at 70 to 90% of the amount of your trip.
  • Coverage of travel related expenses not purchased through the cruise line. This is particularly important if you are arranging your own air travel and transfers.
  • Much more extensive coverage for delays, cancellations or other issues related to acts of terrorism directly or indirectly.
  • No deductibles.
  • Broader medical coverage and medical evacuation provisions that include preexisting conditions if purchased within fourteen days of booking your vacation.

Obviously, adding travel insurance increases the cost of your trip. The cost of insurance is based your age and cost of the trip on a per person basis and is generally quite reasonable. You are making a sizable investment in your vacation, and insurance is a wise way to protect that investment particularly given recent events related to terrorism and the dramatic impact it has had on our travel and transportation system. We strongly recommend adding Travel Protection Insurance for a number of reasons and we recommend private insurance over cruise line insurance even though cruise line insurance is sometimes less expensive. While cruise line insurance is better than no insurance in most cases, Trip Interruption and Cancellation policies sold by the cruise lines are not good if the company folds. Just ask the 2,800 Premiere Cruise Line passengers who were stuck after 5 Premiere ships were seized by creditors in foreign ports a some time ago. Renaissance, American Hawaii, US Lines and a number of other smaller cruise lines have all suddenly gone out of business recently leaving thousands of passengers who were uninsured in a difficult situation. Financial failure and bankruptcy are excluded in cruise line policies. Those who had private insurance were protected and were paid in full. Those Premiere customers who had no insurance were required to file for refunds through the Federal Maritime Commission. The payouts take several months or longer and there is no guarantee passengers will get their money back. Another down side of cruise line insurance is that most of them do not refund your money, they issue a future cruise credit. That may not be advantageous to you depending on the circumstances of the cancellation. If you lost your job and had to cancel, you probably need the money more than a future cruise.

In addition to protection against cruise line bankruptcy, private insurance offers superior trip cancellation, interruption, medical and medical evacuation provisions. The medical portion includes all pre existing conditions if purchased within 14 days of deposit on your cruise or land vacation package. Today, many HMO's and insurance providers create serious obstacles to coverage outside the United States and medical evacuation may not be covered at all. An evacuation could costs upwards of $20,000 or more and without insurance, you will be stuck with it. Most important, medical facilities in foreign nations may not be willing to provide treatment based on coverage by a private HMO policy. Private insurance has excellent medical provisions that are well known throughout the world and a strong track record of paying promptly.

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